I've designed this website in 2015 inspired by the then Medium homepage and reading experience. Over the years visual updates and better code have been deployed.

Everything is hand-coded using a mobile-first approach that progressively enhances the experience. Tiny "php include" make my life easier and a little Vanilla JS (0 bytes uncompressed, 25 bytes gzipped) runs the night mode.

The type is set in Source Serif, with headlines set in Source Sans. The former was designed by Frank Grießhammer, while the ladder was designed by Paul D. Hunt.

The icon in the header for the Night Mode is made by Gregor Cresnar.

As a promoter of Resilient Web Design and Inclusive Design this website respects Web Standards and it is accessible by older browsers and devices. Although I did several tests in different environments, please write to me if you catch a bug, it would be greatly appreciated.