May Faber

Website re-design for this young fashion brand that creates tailored products for a smart male audience.

May Faber's home page mockup May Faber's home page mockup May Faber's suits moodboard mockup


Lara, the founder of May Faber, had clear needs and vision for her business website, which was launched in two steps. First as a brand display/catalog and then an e-commerce for tailored shirts.

The bold idea to replace models faces with exotic animal illustrations has two main reasons behind. First, the "wow effect" is granted at first glance, more pracically the shooting session was cheaper since we needed just two models.

May Faber's about page mockup May Faber's home page full mockup May Faber's shop page mockup


Designed at ehi! in Milan with @AnitaBruni and @casinototale in 2016.

You can see what's left of the design here. Some sections are still the same. :)

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