Tech Agency Concept

A free mockup for the community. Including mobile screens, symbols and global styles to play around.

Straight to the download

Mockup of this prototype on a Microsoft Studio
Render animation of the website on a mobile phone
Screenshot from Sketch showing the symbols of the project


pH is an iOS only tech agency offering high technical development skills in all segments, from automotive to healthcare.

The colors from the iOS Human Interface Guidelines meant to randomly load and style the page at every refresh, representing the power to adjust the form while keeping the substance.

The headlines are set in the magnifique Eczar, a calligraphic serif typeface made by Vaibhav Singh. While the body is Work Sans by Wei H.

You can find here a Copedpen prototype with the buttons showing how the animation works.

Full height screenshot of the homepage of this prototype Mockup of this prototype on a macbook with touchbar
The buttons used in the website
Render animation of the website on scrolling on desktop viewport


Designed in Amsterdam in early 2017, now available to all as a free download, just click below.

Download the .sketch file via Dropbox (6.3MB)

The pictures are from Burst, a sweet free stock library.

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